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cheshire23's Journal

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23 October 1977
So, almost nothing in the ancient bio here was accurate anymore.

Relevant: 30-something, married to ravenshrinkery, mother of qween394 and her little sister Tori, who doesn't have a social media presence yet happinydancer. The icon is a UU symbol from way back, even though the church I now belong to is UCC. If you've seen "MamaCheshire" or "LadyCheshire" elsewhere, it is probably but not definitely me. I've had this LJ since 2002, and a lot of things I posted before are not necessarily things I think now - just fair warning.

Identifiers: Progressive Christian, social worker/civil servant/academic, mama, fat, cisgender, white (ethnic Polish/other Slavic), femme, queer, twice-exceptional (high IQ + "moderate" ADHD), disabled (invisibly so on a good day but I do have a mobility impairment with related chronic pain that affects my day to day decision making and requires the "counting of spoons").

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