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[LJ Idol: Topic 0] Introduction List-of-Lists

10 lists, of 10 things:


1) A Lady. The SCA says so. :)
2) A recovering service-junkie. Or maybe not-so-recovering. Depends who you ask.
3) Large. Not just tall, not just fat, but both at once. (Height = 5'10"; weight is somewhere in the high 200s.)
4) Bisexual. At least that's close enough. I don't much care for "pansexual" as a term, but I'm also not totally enamored of the binary-gender system (though I am quite comfortable with my own birth gender; see #1.)
5) Very lucky to have found ravenshrinkery and very smart to have married him. :)
6) A public servant, on a good self-esteem day. A useless government bureaucrat, on a bad one.
7) A perpetual student, formally and otherwise.
8) A Mama. I've given birth to two girls, and I'm also something of a mother-hen.
9) Thirty-something. The number will change over the course of LJ Idol.
10) A cat person.


1) Graceful.
2) Organized.
3) Always certain of where I am going/what I am doing, even though I may seem so.
4) Actually a gay man (I used to get mistaken for one all the time online, though).
5) Afraid to walk alone at night, in any reasonable situation.
6) A helicopter mom or competitive parent.
7) Incapable of talking about anything other than my husband and kids.
8) Much of a sports person, either playing or watching, though I've learned to follow hockey because my mother, grandmother, and husband are all hockey fanatics.
9) Tolerant of intolerance. I agree with Isaac Bonewits: We SHOULD be biased against bigots!
10) All that great at self-promotion.


1) WORDS! Spoken, written, sung; mine, someone else's - it's all good.
2) Learning about life, and what it is or was like for people from places and times that are not my own.
3) Hot beverages, especially when they are consumed in the company of good friends and accompanied by good conversation.
4) Good food, especially when produced and/or consumed in the above conditions. :)
5) Those occasions when I find pretty clothes that fit me well. Unfortunately, this is less common than I would like, since (regardless of current size or weight) my hips are usually two sizes bigger than the rest of my body.
6) Staying up late, and then waking up to a long lazy morning with sunshine coming through the window and people and/or cats to cuddle with.
7) Most of the people I deal with on a day-to-day basis, most of the time: family, people at work, teachers at my older daughter's school, local friends/neighbors, etc.
8) Travel. I wish I could do more traveling.
9) "Family" movies old and new - especially a lot of the classic Disney as well as Pixar. Pixar = love.
10) Craigslist. It's where I found my house, one of my previous cars, probably about 1/3 of the furniture in the house, and various other items that have improved quality of life for low cost. I recommend it.


1) My former place of employment - if it comes up, you may see me refer to it as the Horrible Job.
2) The extremely depressing and/or enraging nature of many of the news articles related to my current employment. Yes, it's the price I pay for dealing with child welfare/children's mental health.
3) Driving or being in a car someone else is driving through heavy and fast-moving traffic. The panic attacks that tend to result aren't much fun either.
4) The travesty of "buy a paper on plagiarism for only $19.99!"
5) Academic dishonesty in general, especially the belief that "everyone does it." Dishonesty is the refuge of the incompetent.
6) How difficult it seems to be sometimes to avoid food with MSG in it. The resulting pseudo-migraines that I don't get any other time are not much fun.
7) Anti-psychiatry. I happen to find it much easier to live with a spouse whose brain is NOT regularly trying to kill him, thanks.
8) Political arguments that boil down to what in this house we call "I WANT NO!" I expect adults in positions of political power to have better debate skills than my four-year-old.
9) -isms.
10) The fact that this list was easier to make than the one above it. :(


1) An awesome jetted bathtub.
2) A Prius, known as the "Eeevah Car!"
3) A Mac.
4) Fiestaware in many colors, and I want more (dishes and colors).
5) Most of the Darkover books.
6) Pretty green eyes, that are usually noted as being the prettiest/most striking thing about my appearance.
7) Lots of books on my desk (mostly social work texts).
8) A Keystone from when I lived in the SCA Kingdom of AEthelmearc. It is cherished.
9) More happy memories than unhappy ones of my early childhood.
10) A mostly-useless undergrad degree and a much more useful graduate degree.


1) A passport (should fix that Real Soon Now).
2) A prescription for psychiatric medication (though I sometimes wonder if that needs fixing too).
3) A working light in my kitchen, at the moment (this WILL get fixed Real Soon Now).
4) Diamonds (don't want them either).
5) Expensive jewelry in general, other than class ring and wedding ring (ditto).
6) Enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do, everything I feel I should do, AND get any sleep whatsoever.
7) Lots of money in the bank (it'd be nice, someday).
8) Any interest in playing World of Warcraft or similar games.
9) A fully functional right leg, thanks in part to being hit by a car when I was 14 and then seriously re-injuring the same leg when I was 19.
10) My bookshelves alphabetized. Or even fully organized.


1) Do high-quality academic writing ridiculously fast.
2) Bake a very yummy carrot cake.
3) Crochet.
4) Translate jargon-to-plain-English better than anyone I know.
5) Give a speech or presentation in front of just about any crowd.
6) Give physical and emotional first aid in most situations.
7) Direct you to appropriate human services resources, at least if you're in New York State somewhere.
8) Feed lots of people good food for not much money, if I have an adequate kitchen to work in.
9) Dance *most* SCA English Country dances, because the general pattern is so ingrained after all these years.
10) Play Scrabble.


1) Tell when someone is flirting with me unless it is incredibly overt. (Seriously, I am hopeless in this regard.)
2) Skip meals without becoming an incredible grouch.
3) Knit.
4) Always keep my temper as well as I'd like.
5) Sleep as well as I'd like, which may well be related to #4.
6) See someone in obvious trouble without at least wishing I *could* help if not actively trying to do so.
7) Go through most days without asking "WHERE IS MY _______?!" at least once.
8) Run very far or very fast. Even before I messed up my right leg, I'd get a stitch in my side if I tried to run for very long and I'd have to stop. Walking, bicycling, swimming, etc. presented no such issue.
9) Write NC-17 fiction. I just can't do it for some reason.
10) Save the world, though I'll probably keep trying.


1) Give lots of money to the Modest Needs Foundation, which is my favorite charity ever.
2) ...after paying off every last bit of my own debts, of course.
3) Finish fixing all the stuff in this house that needs repair or updating. (That's a List all its own.)
4) Be a neater, more organized person. (Yes, I'm aware of FlyLady and the like; no, for me it's not that simple.)
5) Write books, newspaper editorials, magazine advice columns, etc.
6) Convince couples who want kids but are scared off by some arbitrary idea of "readiness" that you're never really ready to have kids - that's why pregnancy lasts as long as it does! ;)
7) Adopt a particular teenage girl on the OCFS photolisting that reminds me a lot of myself; it just wouldn't seem right for an older teen to have a 32-year-old mom and a 27-year-old dad. But damn it, she's been on the photolist since I started working there three years ago, and it makes me sad. :/
8) Lose just enough weight to be comfortable in my body. (Working on this.)
9) Travel more. Specifically, visit friends I don't see often enough, and travel outside of North America.
10) Marry my spouse all over again. And again. :)


1) Be a sex worker of any kind. I believe that sex work involving adults should be legal, but I personally couldn't ever do it.
2) Plagiarize or buy a paper. I'm not sure how much of this is my sense of honesty and how much is arrogance - I am, after all, quite convinced that I write better papers than anything I could buy.
3) Ever try to be actually skinny. It's just not me.
4) Hit my kids, no matter how much they annoy me. (I personally believe corporal punishment is against my religion, though I accept - within reason - that not everyone shares that belief.)
5) Be, or pretend to be, heterosexual. Yes, I married a man. No, I'm still not straight.
6) Commit suicide or engage in any meaningful act of physical self-harm. I lost someone very dear to me that way when I was 17, and seeing the effect this had on me and on the other people who were close to her made it impossible to consider such a thing. No matter how much I hate myself, I love my friends and family more.
7) Shop at Wal-Mart unless it was absolutely unavoidable for some serious reason. (This is a personal thing; I don't talk about it much because I don't want to be one of those irritating sanctimonious people, but it does affect some decision making and logistics from time to time.)
8) Have dogs instead of cats. I like other people's dogs, but wouldn't want one myself.
9) Go back and do something-or-other over. There is no way to know what that would mess up - just a lot of uncomfortable speculation.
10) Stop believing other people matter.
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